Mmm… Cappuccino Hot Chocolate

One of the greatest flavour combinations in the WORLD – Coffee and Chocolate! Made with Hand-made Coffee sugar and silky, luscious Belgian White Chocolate, this Hot Chocolate has the smooth and fruity tones of freshly roasted Peruvian Coffee. If you need a bit of a caffeine kick, then this is the delivery system that delivers. Perfect for elevenses, or earlier. Or later, if you like. Or just ‘Perfect’, let’s leave it at that, shall we?

If you love coffee, but are more of a Coffee Mocha fan, then here’s some Coffee Mocha Hot Chocolate as well. And it’s made from Milk Belgian Chocolate. You’re welcome!

So which one of our amazing Cappuccino Hot Chocolates would you like to taste first? Do you want to stick with one of our tried and tested hand ground hot chocolate mixes? They are made from hand-made sugars and high quality chocolate, ground in small batches. We keep them small to get the texture just right for melting…  Or would you like to try some of our wonderful hand-dipped Bonbons – just drop one into a cup of hot milk and stir…?

Whichever type of Hot Chocolate you choose, you can be sure that you’re only getting the good stuff: Raw cane sugar, the highest quality fruits, herbs and spices, and delicious Belgian White Chocolate. No Colourings, no Flavourings, just amazing Hot Chocolate.