Ginger Hot Chocolates

Ginger is the PERFECT ingredient to combine with dark chocolate. In this instance, the peppery spiciness of Fresh Ginger is combined with the calm sophistication of Dark Belgian Chocolate to create an exciting Hot Chocolate that will warm the very cockles of your heart. The different tones of the Ginger and Dark Chocolate merge to magically become something much greater than the sum of their parts.

We make our sugars and icing sugars by hand, and then we combine them with the highest quality chocolate to make naturally flavoured hot chocolates. For our Ginger Hot Chocolate, fresh Ginger is juiced by hand, to maintain the highest quality control. We juice it immediately before it is used in our Bespoke sugar making process to get the best taste. Whichever of our Hot Chocolates you try, you can be sure that you’re only getting the good stuff: Raw cane sugar, the highest quality fruits, herbs and spices, and delicious Belgian Chocolate. No Colourings, no Flavourings.

Which one of our amazing Ginger Hot Chocolates would you like to taste first? Do you want to stick with one of our tried and tested hand ground hot chocolate mixes? Or would you like to try some of our wonderful hand-dipped bonbons – just drop one into a cup of hot milk and stir…?