Mint Hot Chocolate… was there ever a more delicious way to end dinner?

Our Mint and Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate is a proven winner. Made with Hand-Made Sugar Tree Mint Sugar, and high quality Dark Belgian Chocolate, there’s nothing quite this smooth and sophisticated Hot Chocolate. We make our sugars and icing sugars by hand, and then we combine them with the highest quality chocolate to make naturally flavoured hot chocolates. In this case, fresh mint is picked, then immediately macerated. Then it’s blended with raw cane sugar using our special bespoke process.

The result is refreshing and delicious, and that’s even before we add our fantastic Belgian Dark Chocolate to the mix. Together, they are a subtle yet exhilarating combination. Perfect at any time of the day, this is our favourite to drink after dinner. It brings a subtle glamour that reminds you of how you imagine elegant 70’s parties might have been.

Which one of our amazing Mint Hot Chocolates would you like to taste first? Do you want to stick with one of our tried and tested hand ground hot chocolate mixes? Or would you like to try some of our wonderful bonbons – just drop one into a cup of hot milk and stir…?

Whatever one you choose, you can be sure that you’re only getting the good stuff: Raw cane sugar, the highest quality fruits, herbs and spices, and delicious Belgian Chocolate. No Colourings, no Flavourings – Just fabulous Mint Hot Chocolate.